Diana Dobreva
Theatre Director and Actress

Debelyanov and the Angels

"Nikolai Massalitinov" Drama Theatre (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)


In the play "Debelyanov and the Angels" poetry does not lose the battle for life.

Only it regains love in the dark forest of war.

Only the poet is allowed to wander through the garden of dreams to find words that make the world bearable and understandable.

At the beginning of 1916, a young man made persistent attempts to enlist as a volunteer in the Bulgarian army fighting on the Southern Front in the First World War.

His military rank is lieutenant, his name is Dimcho Debelyanov.

He is only recognized by a small circle of literary brothers, still he hasn't published a book.

Fate made him commander of the Fifth Company of the 22nd Thracian Regiment.

With the ordinary boys from this company Lieutenant Dimcho Debelyanov went on the attack on October 2, 1916 at 10:34 am.

To remain the legend as an immortal Bulgarian poet - never disputed, never denied, unconditionally loved, carefully preserved, turned into a symbolic figure in the minds of his people.

"Debelyanov and the Angels" is the first attempt of the Bulgarian professional theater to touch the figure of the admirable poet.


"Thanks to Sasho Sekulov and Diana Dobreva for being able to translate "The Blind Gardener" into the language of theatre!

Succeeding through the complexity is a real challenge.

The staff of the Plovdiv Theater is like a match stick that lights a fire in our souls.

Debelyanov's soul did not leave at 10:34 am on that bloody and terrible day.

He is among us.

Thanks to you."

Professor Valeri Stefanov

"An angelic spectacle carrying on its wings an unbearable amount of poetry, imagery and tons of feelings (...) Words can't describe what numbness of the hall at the end of the play can - a few hundred people needed a little time to get to speak again."

Ilia Dimitrov, mediacafe.bg

"The whole team of Debelyanov and the Angels should be proud, because they achieveed the highest form of theatre art, something we can see very rarely."

Stefka Georgieva, kapana.bg

"In one of his poems the poet Ivan Dinkov writes:

After the death of Dimcho Debelyanov
the angels no longer have a choir.

The Angels have a choir again, their soloist - the eternal figure of Dimcho Debelyanov, did for us his touching, uncompromising, exquisite, immortal confession on the stage of the Drama Theater in Plovdiv.

Shocking, deeply dialogical and devoid of vanity, the play "Debelyanov and the Angels" shone in the sky of the masterpieces of theatrical art."

Victoria Petrova, trafficnews.bg

"Debelyanov and the Angels is a performance that shakes you, inspires you, cleanses you and leaves you speechless for along, long time."

Petia Terziiska, dcnews.bg

"You know I talk a lot. I am rarely speechless… And now… I have said so many things and I have not been able to say anything about what I experienced… And I will try again - "Debelyanov and the Angels" is the most monumental theatrical work I have had the good fortune to experience! "Debelyanov and the Angels" is a perfect symbiosis between picture, music, text, meaning and feelings. Not being pretentious, beautiful and tender, touching and shocking, childishly sincere, tragic, life-affirming, lyrical, deep and warm, "Debelyanov and the Angels" hugged and rocked me and sang to me… And still swings me and sings to me. I've been in the gym for two hours, and I'm still where happiness is so great that it seems like sadness or sadness is so great that it somehow even seems like happiness… What more can I say? Thanks, Diana, Petya, Mira! Thanks guys and girls on, behind, over and around the stage! Oh yeah! Thanks also to Alexander Sekulov! THANKS!!!"

Gergana Zmiicharova, Actress

"Two days ago I watched the production of the Plovdiv theater Debelyanov and the Angels. I still have the feeling that I was part of the fifth company, that I shot at the Greek peasant, that Elena flew like an angel across the stage and died in my arms, I took part in the attacks and I looked for canned food in the French trenches…

Great and beautiful performance, they all did amazing job - all the actors, the script writer Alexander Sekulov, the wonderful director Diana Dobreva, and the stage design of Mira Karalanova."

Atanas Hranov, artist

"Tonight my faith that the Bulgarian theater art is alive has returned! After heaps of meaningless productions, pathetic sketches, attempts with pretensions, which made me not want to step on the threshold of the theater, I finally watched a show with a heart and soul, and left with a sense of satisfaction. My expectations were really high, having this particular cast and the huge production, and I got even much more than I expected. A HUGE THANK YOU to these extremely talented actors who took part in the premiere performance of "DEBELYANOV AND THE ANGELS"! THANKS to Alexandar Sekulov, Diana Dobreva, Mira Kalanova, Petya Dimanova - the people who created this unique show! I personally did not stop crying. So beautiful, so meaningful, so deep! The half-hour applause was not enough for what you did! Take a bow!"

Svetla Gerjhikova, teacher

"Tenderness, tenderness, tenderness in every whispered line. As if a real angel is sitting next to you in the hall and gently, gently, gently caresses you as you experience the colorful bouquet of emotions from that show.

We have a lot to learn from our history - about love, about war, about faith and struggle, about fidelity and poetry, about humanity and duty, about the silent screams of the soul… "Debelyanov and the angels" takes us (at least) 200 meters forward and not a step back…"

Lilyana Tashkova, from the audience

"(...) Diana Dobreva, Sasho Sekulov and the rest of the team have created real magic!"

Razlitsa Dimitrova, from the audience

"Debelyanov and the Angels is the performance of my lifetime. It's still on my mind and I never want it to leave. Petya, Diana, Alexander, Mira, thank you for everything you have created, it is a miracle, a celebration of the senses, excitement and magic. Nencho, you are indescribably amazing. The troupe of Plovdiv theatre is an example in every possible meaning. It's already seems to me that it was a dream, but it really happened to me yesterday."

Vittoria Nikolova, from the audience

Furor: "Debelyanov and the Angels" of the Plovdiv Drama theater with 6 Askeer nominations

April 22, 2019

"Debelyanov and the Angels" of the Plovdiv Drama Theater got six Askeer nominations in the most prestigious award categories. The production, which enjoys great interest from the audience, was nominated in the categories "Best Contemporary Drama" for Alexander Sekulov, "Stage Design" for Mira Kalanova, "Best Director" for Diana Dobreva, "Best Performance" for "Debelyanov and the Angels" , "Best Supporting actor" for Dobrin Dosev...

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Plovdiv Time

A record of six Askeer award nominations for "Debelyanov and the Angles"

April 22, 2019

The Plovdiv theater has achieved something that few troupes in our country can achieve. The show "Debelyanov and the Angels" has a record six nominations in the most prestigious categories for the "Askeer" awards.

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Pod Tepeto

Debelyanov, delivered from oblivion

November 7, 2018

"Debelyanov and the Angels" at the Plovdiv Theater - an event that raised unprecedented interest among young audience in the city.

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Ploshtad Slaveikov

You die only once. But how many times do you live?

March 24, 2018

The charcter of the young lieutenant Debelyanov is layered, reaching from the bottom of the human soul, and its representation on the stage is a pleasure not only for the eyes, but also for the soul. The production is so amazing, it stands for what we call theater art.

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"Debelyanov and the Angels" - clashing the poet with the horrors of war

March 15, 2018

The new production of the Plovdiv Drama Theater "Debelyanov and the Angels" is a play about the poet Dimcho Debelyanov, who completed his earthly days on the Southern Front of the First World War. His first book was published four years after his death, and he has become extremely popular ever since.

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The Plovdiv Theater shows the First World War and the last days of Dimcho Debelyanov

March 14, 2018

Depicting a war in the movies is easy, because we have modern equipment and effects and CGI. But how does it go for a theater to tell about the war? Mostly through the personal story and the emotions of those who took part. This will do the Plovdiv Drama Theater, which will present its new premiere production "Debelyanov and the Angels" on March 23.

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